Pamela E. Klatt Award

The Northwest Hydroelectric Association (NWHA) annually awards special recognition to an outstanding industry professional. Nominations for the 2025 award will be accepted in the Fall of 2024. Congratulations to our 2024 award recipient, Barbara Craig. 

NWHA Annual Award Committee 
The committee is chaired by NWHA Directors, Catrin Bryan and Briana Weatherly, with support of four members of the committee. Award nominations will be received by the association office and forwarded  the award committee. The award is presented annually at the award luncheon during the NWHA conference.

Refer to the memo outlining the Pamela E. Klatt Annual Award criteria and history. The bios of previous winners can be viewed below.

The Award
​This Award was established in 2009 by the NWHA Board of Directors to recognize the recipients for their lasting contributions to the Northwest hydroelectric industry through leadership and service. The Award honors the memory of Pamela E. Klatt, who served the industry for over 25 years as an environmental planner, long time NWHA Board member, and strategic advisor to licensees and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff. She influenced many with her high standards of excellence and broad grasp of the complexities of hydroelectric licensing and environmental compliance. Her contributions to the industry and convivial spirit leave an enduring legacy acknowledged annually by this Award.